Frictionless login flows for your dapp

0xPass is a wallet connector with in built support for authentication, identity and user managment.

Wallet connection and authentication

Built on top of Rainbowkit, 0xPass provides a familiar wallet connection experience further boosted with in-built support for Sign In With Ethereum.

Onboard users without wallets

0xPass wraps third party MPC providers like Web3Auth and give you one SDK to interface with all possible methods of authentication - allowing you to onboard even users without wallets.

Collect user information effortlessly

Collect user information in just one click. Use the information for social proof, or to collect data for communication and other purposes.

User and session management

0xPass creates a unified ID for every user spanning their social accounts and wallet addresses while tracking active user sessions.

Effortlessly manage users while querying this information at will using our SDK.

Account Abstraction

 Onboarding Magic

Deploy and authenticate smart accounts

Create and deploy smart accounts for your users, supported by account abstraction. Moreover, built-in support for EIP-1271 makes authenticating and supporting embedded smart accounts a breeze

Gas Sponsorships

Configure gas sponsorships from your dashboard and support users in a few lines of code

Account Recovery

Enable In-built account recovery mechanisms for your users in a few clicks

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Simple integration and management

Since it's built on RainbowKit and Wagmi, you can integrate 0xPass in a few minutes without any disruption to your current workflows and manage all features in just a few clicks from your dashboard