Bring frictionless user experiences to your dApp

Inspired by account abstraction, 0xPass's SDK lets you bring web2 like UX to your dApp in a wallet agnostic manner.

In addition to a secure and beautiful onboarding flow, 0xPass can provide in-app UX advantages that upgrade your end-user's experience while using your app.

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In the meantime, check out 0xPass's login SDK to build a login flow for your dApp in minutes.
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Supercharging web3 UX

Onboard users without wallets

Let users use your dApp with their social identities in a completely self-custodial manner

Secure Login And Authentication

Build a secure and beautiful wallet based login and onboarding flow

Gasless Experiences

Sponsor gas fees for your users and provide them a gasless experience

Pre-approved Transactions

Provide a seamless UX by letting your users pre-approve common transactions

Transaction Bundling

Bundle multiple transactions into a single transaction for users

Effortless Integration

Integrate with 0xPass in a few lines of code

Introducing the 0xPass Login SDK

0xPass's first version helps developers build their DApp's login flow in minutes. Our login SDK 0xpass provides a secure and customizable login flow for you DApp and simplifies wallet based authentication and authorization.

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