A Programmable & MPC-Based Distributed Key Management Network

Passport protocol is key management infra enabling frictionless onboarding and transactions.

Build on Passport to enable programmable authentication and recovery methods, and bring scheduled and automated transactions for your users with ease.

Noncustodial & Secure by Design

Customizable Authentication & Social Logins

Programmable Transactions

Seamless Key Recovery

Programmable Interoperability

How It Works


Traditional MPC solutions split key shares between end users and their backend. As a result, they come with limited flexibility around customizing auth and recovery mechanisms.

Recoveries always rely on user shares, and transactions have to be manually prompted by users.

Passport Protocol separates itself from traditional MPC models by distributing key shares solely among network nodes.

Reliance on MPC algorithms and secure enclaves ensures the entire system is non-custodial.

Surrounding permissions infrastructure enables developers to program rules that authenticate and sign transactions with keys governed by the network.