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0xPass mix and match web2 and web3 login methods, authenticate and efficiently manage all kinds of users, in one place

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Powered By Passport Protocol

A Programmable & MPC-Based Distributed Key Management Network

A network managed and programmable MPC protocol developed by the 0xPass team will power social logins and make it easy to program multiple authentication, recovery methods for users and schedule and automate transactions. Read more here.

Mix and match web3 and web2 login methods

Use our prebuilt web3 wallet and web2 sign-in connectors to let your users login how they want to.

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User auth and management made easy

0xPass manages and authenticates users across various login methods, creating a unified ID that encompasses both their wallets and social accounts.

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Custom Authentication and Recovery

Want to go beyond just offering social login methods? Program your own custom authentication and recovery methods for users to access.

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Schedule and Automate Transactions

Onboard users without wallets and add conditions that allow them to transact without physically being present! Program conditions that allow transactions to be scheduled and automated seamlessly!

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Account abstraction through smart wallet integrations

Leverage our built-in connectors for smart wallets like Kernel to seamlessly integrate account abstraction capabilities into your app!

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The 0xPass Impact
Improved conversion rates with near-zero developer effort.
We had a wonderful experience with 0xPass and awesome support which is available literally 24/7...With 0xPass we can authenticate users by allowing them to choose from different methods of login and the choice is theirs.
David, CEO Strikers